Colouring book

Peter Buckley

Thank you for opening our wonderful colouring book! All the pictures here are drawn by our fabulous artist Peter Buckley.

Once you have finished your colouring, we would absolutely love to see them all!

Ask your Mummy or Daddy if they can send us your wonderful artwork using the form below.

We are hoping to put some of the best ones on our colouring book front cover! And if your’s isn’t immediately on the cover, then please don’t be disappointed, take a look at our colouring book gallery as well.

Click this button to find out all about our colouring book.

These buttons allow you to make the colouring book fullscreen. We recommend you do this!

These buttons turn on and off the music. Do come back as there may be surprises in store!

Sometimes we all make mistakes! You can use the eraser to remove some colour if you want.

Nobody likes colouring in with thin lines do they? Click here to use thicker colours!

As you move the slider up you will get a nice thick, colourful line! Move it down again and it gets thinner (urrrgh).

This button is very important. You can save and download your completed picture.

If mummy or daddy has a printer, you can print out your finished colouring in!

If you want to restart colouring in your picture, just press this. Be careful, you will lose all you have coloured.

You can press this to go back to the first page of our colouring book and choose another picture.

These are your pens. You have lots of colours to choose from! Just click on one to use it.

Here is a wonderfully coloured in picture of Selina Squirrel by Sandra from Leicester (she didn’t tell us her age, so it’s best not to ask!).

Thank you for the colouring in Sandra. We hope your parents have printed it out for you!

If you would like to send us your coloured in pictures, just ask mummy or daddy to fill in the website registration, and you will be able to do so below.  We keep it locked away safe and sound so that no silly people will send us rubbish pictures (we know yours will be brilliant!).