About CCC

Who are we? We are a most diverse group of creative artists developing a programme that engages children from an early age with parents and adults in opening out reading from a series of animal fables, stories that one critic described as “… sweet, growing up but with such gently subversive elements and delightful illustrations, a refreshing change to those of a normal sickly children’s book.”

Bobba Cass is a gay grandad and the writer of the fables and numerous novels. He is a poet and organiser of poetry events throughout Leicester. He grew up in Seattle, and lived for four years in Nigeria.

He is studied to postgraduate level with advanced degrees, and has taught in schools and lectured in universities until he retired in 2003. Researched in literature and cultural studies, and an activist in LGBTQ, peace and environmental groups.

Peter Buckley is a teaching-qualified artist, poet, and workshop leader from Leicester, England. He has experience of disability as someone with cerebral palsy. He is a fan of cartoons, coffee and music, and likes costume-playing as characters at comic book conventions. He facilitates creative writing workshops within Leicestershire NHS mental health services as part of “The Bradgate Writers”.

He is a member of the WORD! Team and BrightSparks, assisting in poetry events. He enjoys spending time with his two nephews and niece.

Sandra Pollock has written all her life but did not have the confidence to publish. Feeling like the publishing industry was a closed and locked environment (especially for female writers), she decided to change that. After going through the publishing process with her daughter’s two books Vircover Petal (2010) and Rage (2012), followed by her own first book Making Changes That Grow Roots (2012).

The pair vowed to create and publish their own works in the future. From their experiences and a desire to help other writers, SanRoo Publishing was formed.

Ru is a bisexual, Black-British author and illustrator born and raised in Leicester. She works with her mum, Sandra, as the editor for SanRoo Publishing, and works to turn Bobba’s writings into the beautiful books available for purchase. Her passion is seeing stories and characters come to life, and she has an eye for colour and finding the best way to convey a story.

Ru completed her BA in Creative Writing at the University of
Winchester two years ago, and has since been editing freelance.
Before that, she had her first book, Vircover-Petal published at thirteen-years-old, and her second, Rage: a Fantasy-Adventure
published at fifthteen.

Michelle Ferguson is a spoken word artist who has written and performed her work on stage at the Corby Core, Glastonbury, as a member of the Lyric Lounge, and has sucessfully managed a number of Arts Council funded projects covering a wide range of disciplines from orchestral project management (Sounds of Home), through to enabling a youth group musical production.

In November 2014 she recieved the award for ‘Most Inspirational Mentor’ in conjunction with her work with UK Youth, culminating in the presentation of the award at the Houses of Parliment.

We come from working class backgrounds as well as middle-class experience, from international (North America, Caribbean, African, Indian subcontinent) backgrounds as well as British, from eighty plus and adolescent lives as well as twenty to fifty-five, from equality in gender, from LGBT experience as well as heterosexual, from living with physical and mental disability as well as able-bodied and mind-ness.

We bring together writing and performing as poets, playwrights, and novelists; illustrators; designers; publishers; actors; musicians; stand up comedians; digital animators; website developers; and events managers.

We welcome expressions of interest via our email: hello@cccfables.co.uk.